Shadows over Bögenhafen

Publisher: Games Workshop
Publication Details and Full Title: GW0022 Shadows over Bögenhafen (second part of The Enemy Within Campaign, 1987, ISBN 1-869893-07-7)
Writers: Graeme Davis, Jim Bambra & Phil Gallagher
Artists: Will Rees and Ian Miller
Cover Art: Will  Rees

Shadows over Bögenhafen is probably one of the two best adventures for WFRP 1e – my other favourite was Power behind the Throne – perhaps an even more complicated version of Shadows over Bögenhafen and a more in depth exploration of corrupt politics.

In Shadows over Bögenhafen the adventures are lead to the market town in the hope of collecting an inheritance. Instead they uncover a plot to destroy the town and open up a gate to Tzeentch’s realm (spoiler alert by the way).

This was one of the first adventures I GMed or played in that involved more brain power for the player than hack and slash. It really required people to think about what they were doing. If they made a wrong move they might get arrested by the watch or worse! There was plenty of action – quite a bit of it in the sewers, but the adventure also required players to investigate, uncover clues and work out who was behind the strange events in Bögenhafen.

Like the Enemy Within book this originally came as a stapled booklet (48 pages) with separate town maps and a screen/cover including a map as well. The book featured some really evocative artwork by the legendary Ian Miller.

Here’s the back cover for full details of what’s included – with a pack shot as well! 



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