Chivalry: A Jake Savage Adventure

Chivalry: A Jake Savage Adventure

A short story by Mark Lord

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“The pacing is excellent and Mark Lord does not waste a word too much.”

Magic, Murder and Mayhem in the Middle Ages!

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With the code of chivalry being dragged through the mud and blood of war-torn France will anyone stand up for what is right?

Perhaps Jake Savage, a common archer, and no Knight, will stick up for the oppressed. But to do so would be to betray his comrades and his country.

In Chivalry: A Jake Savage Adventure, a single silent knight armoured in black plate defends a narrow bridge in the hills of Auvergne, blocking the path of a band of desperate English soldiers. On the bank defended by the knight is a pavilion where sits a French noble-woman, who taunts the English. Cold, wet and hungry, Jake and his comrades have seen a tower high in the hills beyond the bridge, which they hope will provide food, drink and shelter and even a little loot. But the knight and the lady prove more difficult opponents than they imagined.

Magic mingles with the harsh realities of war in this medieval historical fantasy short story set during the Hundred Years War. Can Jake defeat the mysterious Black Knight? Read on to find out.

You can read a brief extract of the story on the Amazon and Smashwords sites, and I believe through other eBook vendors.

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Available as an eBook from: | | iBooks | Nook | Smashwords | Google Play | Kobo

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