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At the moment I’m publishing quite a few short stories and the occasional short collection in eBook format and sometimes in print. Below you will find the latest titles available. I am also releasing in serial format a new historical novel called Stonehearted. The first volume, By The Sword’s Edge is now available.

I also have Hell has its Demons, the first part in a historical fantasy trilogy available set in an alternate 14th century England. It’s just as a Kindle eBook at the moment, but it should be available more widely in early 2014.

Out Now!

Hell has its Demons coverBy The Sword's Edge Cover

Recently Published Titles

 Stand and Fight Two Lives for the Sea God Stupor Mundi cover


 Vulture Returns Tales of Magic and Mayhem New Cover

Historical Fiction/Fantasy

 Bisclavret Cover - Kindle copy Bird Talk - New Cover Kindle copy Chivalry Cover - New
 Honour of Rome cover - kindlehrough a Distant Mirror Darkly Front Cover

Epic Fantasy

 Forged in Blood - Smashwords Cover copy Demon River cover

Science Fiction

 Little Boy Found Cover copy Human Factor Cover

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