Combat HQ PDF Unit Cards for an Armour Battles Scenario

I have started playing WW2 in 6mm using the Armour Battles and Combat HQ rules by Jim Bambra.  The rules are designed for 15mm/20mm I think for the most part but you can easily adapt them to other scales. Each force is usually a reinforced battalion with a stand of infantry representing a platoon, and a tank representing a troop of 3 or 4 actual vehicles. The mechanics are quite innovative I think. I won’t go into depth here, but basicallyCombat HQ uses dice chains to determine how many orders each side can make in a turn. It’s quite simple but also adds some randomness to the game as well. You can actually download a free copy of the tank-only version of the rules (Armour Battles) at Jim’s site.

I had great fun playing Armour Battles so I thought I would outline a scenario I adapted from it.
Armour Battles is a good introduction to the Combat HQ rules, using just vehicles and off table artillery. I decided to adapt the introductory scenario to a battle between British and German forces. The scenario is set on D-Day. You can see links to the briefings and the new unit cards I created for the British forces below, together with the German ones featured in Armour Battles. First you would need some German and also some British tanks. Then you just need a table with some hills and trees and the objectives as set-out in the first battle scenario in Armour Battles. All I have done is adapt it to a British force and added a little bit of setting and narrative. Have fun!
You can download the Unit Cards and Battle Briefings as PDFs below:

UK Unit Cards

German Unit Cards

British Briefing Battle #1

German Briefing Battle #1

And finally here’s a map of the invasion that I included with the briefings for both sides:

Combat HQ briefing map - D Day

I’m really looking forward to playing some more games of Combat HQ soon!

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