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Only the Good … Die Young – my new Science Fiction novel

Well it’s not written yet, but this is what I’m planning to work on over the next few months. The planning is done in enough detail for me to start writing and I’m planning to start tomorrow. This is a fun SF novel with a few nods to Star Wars and Traveller RPG.

Here’s a taster of the plot:

science-fiction-441708_1920The Galactic Emperor wants to live forever and the crew of the Diamond Fury have the mission to find the secret of immortality and bring it to him.

The crew of the Diamond Fury are in trouble – well the captain, Malkius, is at least and that means so too are the rest of the crew if they like it or not. This time he owes more than money. He’s seriously offended Haich Lissinger, the Crime lord who controls the Marcher Rim—a local warlord who acts as a satrap of the Imperial Governor—but is a gangster by any other name. You see Malkius stole his wife, and that’s a debt that Haich can’t forgive. Haich’s henchmen catch up with Malkius and the Diamond Fury, but he’s rescued—by another gangster—someone even more dangerous and extreme. This one, Phena Leblanc (”the orphan-maker”) offers Malkius a deal he can’t refuse.