Novel Update – 25th March 2011

Well I’ve failed so far spectacularly in my aim to blog regularly in an online diary sort of manner about my novel and about Alt Hist!

Sorry for that.

Here’s a quick update on the novel. I’ve decided that the plot has actually got a bit too big for one book. Indeed I’d reached the 50,000 words mark and really only got started, so I’ve revamped things a bit to split the book into 3 volumes – called a trilogy apparently. This has allowed me to be a bit more focused and also less scared of the project that I’m working on. I’m hoping that once the first volume is finished in draft to then work on a version that can then be sent out to agents together with a synopsis of the other two volumes, which I pretty much have already.

That’s the theory at least. So far I’ve written a good detailed synopsis scene by scene of the rest of volume one and I’m happy that its a lot tighter than before and works towards a good crescendo of an ending for volume 1. I’ve added about another 4,000 words, but need to start quickening the word count now.

That’s it for today folks.