Key Retainers of the Black Prince in 1376

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The Black Prince died on Trinity Sunday, 8 June 1376. Princess Joan of Kent was left in charge of his household, and many of the principal members of that household would become influential in the household of the future Richard II.

The Prince and Princess’s key retainers in 1376 were:

Sir Lewis Clifford (a Lollard) – trusted servant of Joan. In 1377 would negotiate truce between Londoners and Gaunt, and again between Gaunt and Archbishop Sudbury. As reward became Garter knight in 1377 or 1378, with agreement of Gaunt and Richard.

Sir Hugh Seagrave – Steward of the Prince’s lands, and then after his death executor of his will, and then he served Joan.

Sir John Kentwode – MP for Berkshire at the Good Parliament, retained as esquire of the Prince in 1350s and 1360s. Had the Prince’s backing and been responsible for accusing Alice Perrers and capture of the Dominican Friar who Alice supposedly relied upon for her influence over the king.

Sir Simon Burley – tutor of Richard, and became his Chamberlain as Prince of Wales on Black Prince’s death. Representing Joan in early 1377 he helped quell anti-Lollard riots inLondon.

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