Frederick II: Primary Sources

Here are the primary sources for the reign of Frederick II and the period of history in general. This area will be updated as I investigate new sources.

Section from Salimbene at Medieval Sourcebook

Matthew Paris‘ chronicle

Some of Petrus de Vinea’s epistles in Latin.

Constitutions of Melfi

Historia diplomatica Friderici Secundi : sive constitutiones, privilegia, mandata, instrumenta quae supersunt istius Imperatoris et filiorum ejus. Accedunt epistolae Paparum et documenta varia / Collegit, ad fidem chartarum et codicum recensuit, juxta seriem annorum disposuit et notis illustravit J.- L.-A. Huillard-Bréholles.

Literary Activities of the Imperial and Papal Chanceries during the Struggle between Frederick II and the Papacy, in: Intellectual Life at the Court of Frederick II Hohenstaufen, ed. by W. Tronzo

A. Huillard-Breholles, Vie et correspondance de Pierre de la Vigne…(Paris, 1865)

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2 thoughts on “Frederick II: Primary Sources”

  1. Hello,

    I am an American Graduate Student doing a project/paper on Frederick II. I would like very much to obtain English translations of the letters contained in the work of Huillard-Breholles. Do you have your translation available for purchase? Thank You!

    1. Unfortunately not – I wish I did. What I would recommend is searching them out on and then perhaps running them through Google translate which now incorporates Latin I believe. It’s my ambition someday to translate these letters, but simply haven’t had the time.

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