Trial by Battle

Trial by Battle
Quick and Easy Medieval Wargames Rules

Trial by Battle Cover

Trial by Battle is a set of wargames rules for playing games set in the Medieval period of history. They are designed to be easy to learn and to play and are ideal for a quick game. They are ideal for players who are not very familiar with wargames rules or who don’t have hours to play with. Sometimes this type of ruleset is called a “beer and pretzels” game. Neither beer nor pretzels are required to play, but a game is always more enjoyable with good refreshments.  

The rules aim to be representative of how medieval armies fought but aren’t an exact simulation. They don’t provide for all the different variations in types of soldiers and armies during the Medieval period. For instance, there is an Archers unit that can represent crossbowmen or longbowmen. The rules provide the framework for an enjoyable Medieval wargame that captures the feel of battles in the Middle Ages.  

The rules include six scenarios and some sample Army Lists to help you get started. 

Trial by Battle can be purchased in paperback and eBook versions at Amazon | | PDF at Wargames Vault | and eBook at Smashwords and other eBook retailers.

Download Trial by Battle Rules Summary/Quick Reference Sheet

Supplemental rules for later medieval battles: War of the Roses – new Rules v2

Battle of Morlaix scenario

Battle of Hastings scenario

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