Warhammer Fantasy Battle Scenario Generator

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Scenario Generators

List of resources and links for Warhammer Fantasy Battle Scenario Generators.

What is a Scenario Generator?

Warhammer and other wargames rules often come with some standard scenarios/missions/battleplans or whatever. The idea of a scenario generator is that it creates more variation on these standard scenarios. So for instance you might have tables to randomise what type of engagement you fight, the terrain, objectives or any special events. I have come across a couple of these so far for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Available Scenario Generators for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Firstly there’s Gav Thorpe’s Scenario Generator designed for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition.

And the same thing also on Scribd

Then there is Warhammer Narrative’s version for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition called Theatre of War Mission Generator. This is inspired by Gav Thorpe’s scenario generator, but takes it further.

I have not found others so far.

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