Key Officials of the Royal Household

Nearly as important as the officials of the government: Chancellor, Treasurer and Keeper of the Privy Seal, were the main officials of the King’s household. These men would control access to the King and could potentially control large sums of money. For instance military campaigns were often funded by the King’s Wardrobe.

Keeper of the Household: William Moulsoe

Controller of the Household: John ofYpres (since 1368)

Cofferer of the Household: Richard Beverley (since 1368- 16 July 1376), and from Nov 1376 to 1377, Keeper of the Household

Clerks, Buyers and Purveyors of the Great Wardrobe:

John Sleaford appointed, accounted for by Walter Ralphs, kings tailor.

Keeper of the Privy Wardrobe: John Sleaford (1365-1377)

Steward of the Household: John Neville of Raby (1371 – 2 June 1376) succeeded by John of Ypres.

King’s Chamberlain (Sub-chamberlain?): William Latimer (1375 – 1376, following brief stint in 1371). Succeeded by Roger Beauchamp.

Receiver of the Chamber: William Gambon, yeoman of the chamber (1375- Oct 1376)

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