Mistaken Identity

Publisher: Games Workshop
Publication Details and Full Title: GW0021 The Enemy Within (campaign supplement, 1986, ISBN 1-869893-04-2)
Writers: Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher & Graeme Davis
Artists: Martin Mckenna, Tim Sell, Euan Smith, David Andrews, Tony Ackland
Cover Art: John Blanche

Mistaken Identity is the opening adventure for the Enemy Within campaign. It comes in the Enemy Within book, which was a sourcebook released for WFRP – it included a stapled 54 booklet and a two page GM’s screen and map.

In reality the screen wasn’t a great screen – more just a detached cover!

The booklet contains more detail on the Empire – regions, gods, social structure, history, politics, armies, inhabitants and even herbs. There’s also some tips on how to run a campaign in WFRP – being humorous to break up the macabre setting for instance, how to describe things using more colourful language – all good stuff! This sourcebook material covers 35 pages. The rest of the book is the adventure Mistaken Identity.

Mistaken Identity has been criticized by some as not giving players much control over their own actions – they’re introduced to a situation and pretty much forced to follow-up on. The plot of the adventure sees them encountering mutants and becoming mixed up in the activities of a chaos cult. All roads from here lead to Bogenhafen – the setting of perhaps the most memorable WFRP adventure of all, Shadows over Bogenhafen!

The book ends with a brief two page article of mutants in the Empire – including  table for generating mutations – a lite version of what Realms of Chaos would be if you like.

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