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The Arts Notoria is one of the grimoires from the Middle Ages said to be written by Solomon. The book is interesting in that it is a collection of prayers and conjurations to God in order to gain knowledge of the world and the future. There are also specific uses such as gaining knowledge of a person’s medical condition.

There are a number of Latin manuscripts containing the book from the thirteenth century onwards.

Notoria is translated as Notory by the English translator Robert Turner in 1657, and in effect this is a good description as the grimoire aims to give the user knowledge of all things in a brief note form rather than them having to study for many years to get the same knowledge. The person using the prayers is asking God to give him or her the highlights in effect so that they will have complete knowledge of a subject.

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More interesting information on the Ars Notoria can be found at esoteric archives:

Solomon and the Ars Notoria

And there is also the English and Latin text of Robert Turner’s translation:

Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon

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  1. There is a new English translation of the _Ars Notoria_ published by Inner Traditions entitled the _Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon: A Medieval Treatise on Angelic Magic & the Art of Memory_ (2023).

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