Bird Talk accepted for publication by Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction

I am very happy to report that my short story “Bird Talk” has been accepted for publication by Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. The story should be out in either issue 30 or 31 – so probably the Autumn or Winter of this year. The magazine is available to purchase in hard copy or as as free download. I’ll send a link out to the issue when it’s published.

I am very excited about this – this will be my first fiction publishing credit, so Woohoo to me!
I did have a good feeling about this one – it’s my most recent short story and provides part of the setting and themes of the novel I’m working on. It’s also been well critiqued at both Critters, OWW and Verulam Writers’ Circle, so if there’s any of my reviewers reading this post, thanks very much for your feedback! Comments from a variety of different readers are really useful, particularly in picking up detail errors or suggesting better phrasing – things that I would be less likely to spot myself.


“Bird Talk” is also now available to purchase as a separate story via Smashwordsand Amazon.