Blogs without Feeds

I can’t understand why people writing blogs don’t have feeds or a way of staying up to date. Nowadays unless a site has a feed I am very likely to ignore it – after all how can you be prompted to visit it for new information?

If you’re going to blog at least have some basic means to allow readers to stay up to date with what you are saying. And preferably take advantage of widgets that allow email subscriptions as well. We run a blog at work and the email subs to this are just as popular as the RSS feed subscriptions. Feedburner has a good and free option for this so well worth using it.

Off Topic – Some Nice Dutch Clippers

One of my non-writing passions are boats. I was lucky to have a few hours off in Leiden this week after a business meeting and found the city and its canals a delight. They also had a stretch of water with some really fantastic old clippers. These are flot bottomed boats used to navigate the inland waterways of the Netherlands. Most of them are engine powered nowadays, but they do have sails. I think they will also do a bit of coastal work too.

People still in them! How jealous am I!