History of Isabel Haukwake

Others tried to control her when young – that’s why she rebels against authority and wants to have control herself.

‘Married’ to a priest herself for a while.

She is more experienced than Jake realises – he thought she was still a teenager when she came to St Brett’s, and that she was very vulnerable, but not really the case.

She and her mother expelled from Harthill, Broxton Hundred, Cheshire, for the crime of fornication in 1363 – her mother with her father, a priest, and she with another priest – effectively living as their wives.

For more on Harthill see http://www.thornber.net/cheshire/htmlfiles/harthill.html

Arrived in St Brett’s in 1369

Her mother dies that winter – she had caught sickness and could not recover despite the efforts of Isabel and Jake to nurse her.

She had a brief intimate relationship with Jake while her mother was still alive – but acted more as a housekeeper than anything. She got rid of Jake’s other servant as she caught her stealing. Her anxiety about her mother and her grief at her death meant that she didn’t really think of Jake as any more than a shoulder to cry on.

By the summer of 1369 she had begun to develop an attraction to John Haukwake – a man in her own image – self-made and not scared of authority or convention – although they are in disagreement about many things such as religion and magic. She began seeing more of him and they decided to marry in July 1369. When they both told Jake the good news, he was devastated – stormed off, came back drunk. Jake tried to abduct Isabel. John intervened and the two had a fight, in which Jake nearly killed John. Isabel conjured something to confuse Jake, who ran and fled and never came back to St. Brett’s.

Isabel first makes contact with Edmund regarding possible herbs and potions to help cure her mother.

Isabel’s intelligence, drive and confidence have helped her build up her wealth and status, but have also attracted a number of enemies. People see her as presumptuous and arrogant. Even members of her group, The Company of Good Women, are jealous of her and think her to proud. She looks to be heading for a fall.

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