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The Court in English Alliterative Poetry – added text of my M.Phil. thesis

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As far as I know my thesis, which I completed over 10 years ago at the University of Birmingham, has probably been gathering a lot of dust in the library with no contact with anyone from the outside world.

I thought it might be nice to share the content. As I say it’s over 10 years old so there are no doubt more sources and secondary material now available, and hopefully my writing has improved a bit since then, but I think there’s some half decent scholarship worth reading there as well.

The Court in English Alliterative Poetry, 1350-1450 by Mark Lord

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French get it right against English Archers

I have just been scanning through a number of descriptions of Hundred Years War battles over at Wikipedia (so not necessarily 100% accurate), and as I expected it seems that in no cases were dismounted men-at-arms sent against archers. However, in later years the French did start to perfect the tactic of charging the English archers with heavy cavalry – for instance at the Battle of Patay decisively, and at the Battle of Vernuil with partial success. The key seems to have been heavy armour for the horses, sufficient numbers and disciplined charges.