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Verdun – Realistic WW1 First Person Shooter

I just wanted to mention a great game that I recently started playing – it depicts trench fighting in the First World War with great accuracy and is good fun to play. It’s a first person shooter, but unlike silly FPS where you blast everyone away, you have realistic weapons and like WW1 you can die easily – often getting sniped with no idea where your killer is. Gas attacks are truly scary – if you don’t get your gas mask on you’re dead. I think one of the best bits though is that you need to work as a team to be successful. Each player is part of a four man team with a designated role. The NCO of the team can issue special commands such as calling in artillery or gas. The game seems to work best if you follow your NCO’s directions on where to attack and make a concerted effort to work together to clear enemy trenches.

Here’s the video trailer. If you want to pick it up you can get it on Steam.