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Tangent Online Review of Nov/Dec 2010 Issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine

My review of the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine recently got published on the Tangent Online website if anyone’s interested in reading it.

I signed up to start reviewing for Tangent Online a couple of months ago and this is my first review for them. I enjoyed the challenge of doing this as it’s quite a different skill-set from say editing your own work or participating in a critique group. As well as expressing your opinion you also have to communicate that in a polished manner, and you can’t ignore certain stories just because you don’t like them.

Another interesting aspect is that doing a review of a whole issue also makes you think seriously about the current state of the genre. What type of stories are being published and why for instance. Sometimes you can read issues of current short story publications and in your own mind you get a sense of what you think of each stories, but sometimes you don’t really analyse your own thoughts until challenged to express them.

I am hoping to continue reviewing for Tangent in the future, perhaps having a look at Asimov’s or Analog next.