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Four Against Darkness Graph Paper 20 squares by 28 squares

Four Against Darkness coverI have been playing and enjoying a bit of Four Against Darkness – the solo dungeon delving game from Ganesha Games recently. It is quite a bit of fun. The idea is you have four adventures and then randomly generate a dungeon for them to explore, enemies to fight and treasure to loot. You do this by drawing the dungeon on a sheet of graph paper. In the Four Against Darkness book the recommended size of paper is 20 squares by 28 squares. However, the free download available from Ganesha Games is only 15 by 24 squares. I am not sure why this is, but I have created my own graph paper using Word. You can download a copy of the version I have created in PDF format by clicking the link below.

Four Against Darkness 20×28 Graph Paper

I hope that it provides a useful resource for the game. I really recommend Four Against Darkness – you can also play it as a co-op game too.