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Snowflake Software Now Available

Could Snowflake Pro be a solution for those looking for a decent novel writing software? Possibly?

It uses Randy Ingermanson’ssnowflake method and basically structures a GUI around it so you can do all the ten stages in one place. It looks handy, especially if you’re starting out on a new project.

I don’t think I’ll use it though. I have developed, partly using the snowflake method, my own process now, which includes a lot of depth on character development, more than perhaps could be handled by the snowflake software. If there was a way of customizing the system to include more fields then I might consider it.

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Snowflake Method

With Roger Draper I have now got to the stage where I feel there needs to be some order brought to the chaos. I need to work out what I should be doing to plan this novel and in what order. Especially as I know that with previous projects I have come unstuck because I have tried to do too much planning or done too little. 

I found a website today about the snowflake technique. Although I’m not sure about the author, I’ve never heard of him, the technique actually looks quite reasonable. It gets you to think about plot structure and character at the same time or at least in close proximity. It also shows you how you can get your planning done in roughly 100 hours, which is pretty amazing if it works. 
I’m going to try it.