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Nice Review of my Short Story Collection Through a Distant Mirror Darkly

Seamus Sweeney has posted a very nice review of my latest short Through a Distant Mirror Darklystory collection Through a Distant Mirror Darkly over on SF Site. I think this must by the first review of one of my works that has appeared on a really big SF review site, so I am very pleased! Seamus has some positive things to say about the collection as well, so that makes it even better. Such as:

Lord’s stories are engaging and possess the page-turn factor. There is a fleshy realism to his Medieval World, and yet there is no condescension either to a worldview different from ours. The supernatural element is lightly worn; those who prefer more straightforwardly “historical” fiction will still have much to enjoy, those whose preferences are with the otherworldly will find well-realised, subtle thrills in store.

Click here to read the full review, or go to the page for Through a Distant Mirror Darkly to find out more about it and how to order.