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You give medieval a bad name!

Why is it that the word “medieval” always get bandied about with negative connotations. Here’s some examples from the recent news:

Gary McKinnon might avoid extradition

‎Inquirer – Nick Farrell

Some of these problems include the medieval justice system of the former colonials that tends to lock up or kill people for minor offences. 

What’s ‘medieval‘ about stoning people to death?

‎Telegraph.co.uk (blog) – Tim Collard – 9 Jul 2010

In condemning the proposed execution, he called death by stoning a “medievalpunishment”.

Russia is getting medieval on corrupt officials

‎The Moscow News – Evgeniya Chaykovskaya

Corrupt officials should be marked with a medieval-style brand burned on to their left hands, according to 

British veterans of Korean war: ‘It was like stepping into 

The Guardian – 24 Jun 2010

“It was like stepping back into medieval times,” said Hough, who spent 13 months there with the 1st Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment. 

Harry Harrison calls the USA a Fascist State

Spotted at SF Signal, Pravda interviews Harry Harrison, who calls the USA a fascist state.

While he may have a point it’s a bit rich coming from Russians isn’t it?

I wonder if his comments were taken out of context though or maybe they missed out a bit where he also criticized Russian autocracy and undemocratic principles.

Aside from increased militarism, imperialism in the Caucasus and strong-arm tactics over their energy resources, I think the main example of the rise of authoritarianism in Russia has to be the recent Eurovision competition. Are all of Russia’s neighbours so scared of angering the bear that they have to vote for her in a ‘music’ competition as well! See this video from Sir Terry Wogan.