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The Beauty of Fiction in Print

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #33
Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #33

No matter what the e-book/iPad/tech-geeks/get it all free cos it’s online folks may say…

There is something very special about seeing your work in print.

I ordered my copy of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #33 last week as it features my story “Bird Talk”, and received it in the post the other day. What a thrill to get my first piece of fiction in the post. I had the same thrill many years ago when I had some poems published by small magazines, but they were mere pamphlets compared to the very professional magazine that Stephen Theaker has put together.

The magazine is printed on demand by Lulu and I thought that the production values were excellent. The cover is perhaps a bit shiny looking, but the paper, typesetting and layout make for a very professional publication. And there’s my story in there as well with my name of the cover.

How cool is that.

OK, ego trip now over!


“Bird Talk” is also now available to purchase as a separate story via Smashwords and Amazon.

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