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The Joy of Writing

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Sometimes you have to start hitting the keys to remember how fun writing can be. For some reason just getting to that point can be hellish and involves a ton of prevarication, but when you start putting one word after another you suddenly remember that it is not a chore and that creation is inspiring and joyful.

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Email is suddenly taking top priority

It’s funny isn’t how the mind works to put off what we really should be doing. I got up a couple of days ago with the express intention of starting to write a guest post for another blog that I had promised to do. Somehow, instead I decided that while checking out the other blogger’s email about what she was looking for, I should also check the rest of my email. That lead to another non-urgent task vaguely related to looking at my email that I needed to do, but could probably have waited until later in the day.

Neil Gaiman is also having a similar problem – doesn’t want to do his proofreading apparently!

So the result? Well I lost my prime-time writing opportunity of an early morning start. But I did reduce my unread emails slightly from two inboxes.

And I wrote this blog post!

Worth it? Discuss…

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Agincourt Gamebook progress

I’ve decided that I really need to grind out the content for the Agincourt gamebook as swiftly as possible to keep up the momentum – more sweat and less prevarication and distraction from things like blogging is required!!

I found when I put together www.marklord.info over the weekend, that I was able to get this done by just concentrating on it. The fact that I had started to publish some web-pages and wanted to get everything as tidy as possible online as soon as possible really helped. I think it doesn’t look half bad now, apart from the annoying GoDaddy advertising!
I hope to take the same approach with the Agincourt gamebook, get the html together soon and start getting it online. Then I can turn to the fun part of sending it out to people and promoting it.