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Greatest Hits

I thought it would be interesting to see what were the most popular post topics on my blog. After looking at Google Analytics I have been able to put together a top five:

1. Snowflake method – stumbling across the snowflake method!
3. Medieval Men-at-Arms vs Archers at Agincourt – why maybe class snobbery prevented the French from destroying the English archers at Agincourt
4. Novel Writing software – does specialised novel writing software help writers?
5. Chivalry, prisoners and the code of medieval warfare – how the chivalric code might once have existed but became diluted as armies became more professional

It’s quite interesting for me to see what people are reading. It’s fairly clear that readers of my blog are interested either in the content about writing techniques or the content I wrote when investigating the Battle of Agincourt.

Agincourt gamebook progress

There it is I’ve named it, my top secret project. Well we’ll see how it goes. After having started work on this I’m not that worried that anyone will actually come and steal the idea of creating a gamebook surrounding the role of Henry V at the battle of Agincourt. I have now pretty much finished my initial research into the battle, and I have a list of the key decision points for Henry. Many of these are actually to do with how he set things up. Once the battle is under way there is very little means for a general in such times to change things. However, I am planning to keep the action going here with the option for Henry to become involved in the fighting, which according to a number of sources, he actively was. For instance there is speculation that his crowned helmet was damaged by the Duke of Alencon, while other sources describe him attempting to protect his younger brother, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, who had been wounded. So there might be an opportunity here to add a certain personal level of fighting role-play for Henry.

Deciding a structure for working out the different strands has beend difficult. I started off with the Novel Writing software I use, but this has proved difficult to keep track of. Instead I am using a simple spreadsheet solution I found at this Gamebook Library site. I might actually go straight from there to writing the book in html once I have the structure worked out. 

Happy New Year!

And the translation of Huillard-Breholes’ Life and Correspondance of Piero della Vigna continues! Another four pages today and five yesterday, so things are proceeding according to plan so far. I have also been making some notes on Piero’s character using the Novel Writing software I bought recently. I’m planning to make notes here as I go along so I can be thinking about how Piero will appear in the book.

More information on Frederick II.