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Huillard-Breholles e-book?

I’m considering turning my translation of Huillard-Breholles into a pdf e-book that can be downloaded from the Stupor Mundi website. The idea is that I would be able to share the work I have done, but also protect my copyright and not have the work passed off on other people’s sites and possibly financially exploited by them.

I think this could be managed by setting up a Paypal commerce section to the site. Once I have received the money, (possibly a nominal $20?) I would then send the customer an email with the pdf attached or a link and password to a secure part of a file-sharing site?

Dangers of the middle

Half way through this section of research, translating Huillard-Breholles, and I must admit I’m getting a bit bored. I think it’s partly because we’ve just had a weekend where I didn’t have the chance to do much, so the momentum has been lost. Also I had one of those moments where I want a quick fix to all of life’s problems and start searching round for another idea, maybe even jacking in the writing. But after a quick look you realise that all the other options other than hard work are not real. There seems to be so many scams on the internet nowadays. It probably explains the lack of really good content out there! Really if you don’t have to work at something or pay for it, then it’s often to good to be true!

Anyway a bit more on track today with about 2.5 pages done so far and planning to do some more this evening. Also I have loaded some books that I should read on time travel into the To Read section of my Good Reads profile. I want to use this as an opportunity to do the full Plot Structure analysis one of the How to books tells you to do.

5 Pages a Day of Translation Achieved

I’m pleased to say that I managed to do five pages of translation from HuillardBreholles yesterday, thus achieving on of my targets! It definitely felt like things were moving faster than before. I’m aiming to do a couple of pages this morning and then work on re-organizing my files. Might use SkyDrive as I am finding 4shared increasingly unreliable, plus Skydrive now allows for 25GB space!

More information on Frederick II.

Ill for Stupor

I have had a bad head cold for the last two days, so productivity has been slow even though I have been at home. My head feels rather fuzzy!

I did a couple of pages of translation from Huillard-Breholles yesterday. Ideally I think I need to be going at 5-10 pages/day to get through it. I’m hoping that as I keep doing it my knowledge of French improves and things speed up.
I’m going to have a go at doing a couple of pages now I think!


I spent some of the weekend working out where I should start on the Stupor Mundi project. My conclusion is that I should concentrate on the most important sources first. In the past I think I made the mistake of starting outward and working in, so trying to build up a complete understanding of the period by reading secondary and primary texts connected with the period but not directly on the subject of the novel. I’ve decided to deal with my primary sources first and then read elsewhere if needed.

So my first priority is the biography of Piero della Vigna by Huillard-Breholles. This is in French so my first job is to translate it.
After that I want to look at the poems attributable to Piero and the other poets of the Sicilian School, I think this will provide a good indication of how they thought. My current reading points to more sophistication in some of them than one might think for that period.
Following on from that are things like the Constitutions of Melfi, the letters written by Piero not covered in Huillard-Breholles, the hunting treatise of Frederick, and then probably the biography by Kantorowicz, especially as he and his descendent are characters in the book.