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Dangers of the middle

Half way through this section of research, translating Huillard-Breholles, and I must admit I’m getting a bit bored. I think it’s partly because we’ve just had a weekend where I didn’t have the chance to do much, so the momentum has been lost. Also I had one of those moments where I want a quick fix to all of life’s problems and start searching round for another idea, maybe even jacking in the writing. But after a quick look you realise that all the other options other than hard work are not real. There seems to be so many scams on the internet nowadays. It probably explains the lack of really good content out there! Really if you don’t have to work at something or pay for it, then it’s often to good to be true!

Anyway a bit more on track today with about 2.5 pages done so far and planning to do some more this evening. Also I have loaded some books that I should read on time travel into the To Read section of my Good Reads profile. I want to use this as an opportunity to do the full Plot Structure analysis one of the How to books tells you to do.