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Stupor Mundi files organized and backed-up

Re-organizing the files for Stupor Mundi has taken longer than I thought it would. It was actually quite a big job to go through all the files and see what should go where. One of the longest parts of this was actually taking files down from my 4shared account and saving them on my hard drive. But now I have complete copies of everything on both my laptop and desktop, as well as back-up copies on a usb stick and soon hopefully on Skydrive (files are currently being uploaded!).

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5 Pages a Day of Translation Achieved

I’m pleased to say that I managed to do five pages of translation from HuillardBreholles yesterday, thus achieving on of my targets! It definitely felt like things were moving faster than before. I’m aiming to do a couple of pages this morning and then work on re-organizing my files. Might use SkyDrive as I am finding 4shared increasingly unreliable, plus Skydrive now allows for 25GB space!

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Ill for Stupor

I have had a bad head cold for the last two days, so productivity has been slow even though I have been at home. My head feels rather fuzzy!

I did a couple of pages of translation from Huillard-Breholles yesterday. Ideally I think I need to be going at 5-10 pages/day to get through it. I’m hoping that as I keep doing it my knowledge of French improves and things speed up.
I’m going to have a go at doing a couple of pages now I think!