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Current writing activities

Here’s a quick update on what I’m up to at the moment:

A first edit of my novel Hell has its Demons. The first two chapters will be up at Critters towards the end of June for critiquing, and probably also on OWW soon as well.

Publishing the fourth issue of Alt Hist Issue 4.

Also recently published the first issue of Fantasy Short Stories with the first author interview now live on the site as well.

Fantasy short stories publishes its first issue

One of my guises is as editor of a new
publication called Fantasy Short Stories. The first issue of which is now available. Hope you enjoy it!
Fantasy Short Stories Issue 1 Cover

I think we’ve got an excellent selection of stories available for you here, so please do take a look. To get hold of a copy please see the links at the end of this post – at the moment just available from Smashwords and Amazon, but once the distribution channels kick-in it will be available for your Nook or iPad, iPhone, and via a variety of other eBook retailers.

The first issue of Fantasy Short Stories contains the following great new short stories:

  • ‘The Dying Elf’ by Mike Pielaet-Strayer: Oberon the swordsman watches a young elf die on the battlefield and tries to come to grips with his own humanity.
  • ‘The Empty Dark’ by C. L. Holland: Korix and Leveri are far from home, farther than either of them could have imagined. As they search for a way back they discover it’s not only children who should be afraid of the dark.
  • ‘Demon Stone’ by Jake Scholl: when his kingdom and his wife are held ransom by an evil sorcerer, King Dagr goes on a quest to give the sorcerer what he wants. At what cost is Dagr willing to go to save his kingdom?
  • Noeleen Kavanagh’s ‘The Pivot’: two boys who are thrown together in a chance encounter that turns their world upside down.
  • ‘Sparrows Falling’ by Gretchen Tessmer: a black sorcerer and a foreign enchantress practise their arts in a castle on the borderlands. But when the lady locks herself in her tower, even the servants know something’s amiss in Grendl Castle.

Fantasy Short Stories Issue 1 is available as an eBook either via Smashwords, or for Kindle via:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Italy
Amazon Spain

Soon Fantasy Short Stories Issue 1 also be available from a variety of other retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Apple – stay tuned for more information!

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