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Devices and Desires – Errata to my Last Post

With reference to my last post about Devices and Desires, the characters have become a lot clearer and different for me now – the realisation for me happened after about 300 pages. I won’t say how exactly but the main characters slowly seem to accrue more differentiation in their manner, style and motivation.

Perhaps the difference should have been more noticeable earlier though? Otherwise I am really enjoying this book. It is fantasy in that it is a non-historical world, but there are no magical elements. The use of the engineering theme makes the narrative and style quite unique, but still accessible – you just go with the stuff you don’t understand. Also I don’t think the ending will be obvious – I can’t really think what will happen at the moment, and I have about 100 pages to go.

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Devices and Desires by K. J. Parker – Further Thoughts

Devices and Desires (Engineer Trilogy)

Still enjoying this book! About 250 pages out of 800+ so far, and it’s still a good read. There’s something about his style that I can’t quite put my finger on that I really like. I think it’s because it’s not dumbed down at all. There’s quite a lot of detail and the settings feel real. The more evil character is not over the top, but realistic and you sort of like him in a way.

My one gripe would be that there are three or four male characters who act as POV characters that are all a bit samey. I would like to have some sort of clearer difference between them. Apart from the engineer character, the other three are all nobles and there’s something about them that makes them all generally sympathetic and likable, perhaps a bit too likable?