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Daily Summary: 9th December. Scene finished for Easy River

I am assuming that I won’t be doing any more today. I managed to get 811 words done this lunchtime that took me to the end of the scene where Benetus meets Arax. I’m fairly happy with how it has turned out. A couple of surprises. I found that Arax has to tell Benetus a bit about who he is. I think I tend to develop back story, but then never explain it to the reader.

Next steps are too look at the proto-Arax religion and provide some details of this, and also decide if I need some more foreshadowing of Arax earlier in the story. I’m not sure how this will all work yet in the story as a whole. I hope it will!

Daily Summary: 4th December 2008. Incy Wincy Day Today

Only had twenty minutes today, but managed to have a think over some possible ideas for the concluding scenes of Easy River to Success. Trying to work out how to complete the story using the new character of Arax, which I’m happy with now, and make it a neat ending. Still haven’t found quite the right ending, but have a few new ideas now for my subconscious to think about! As Damon Knight would say, I’m going to let Fred have a think about them for a while. 

Daily Summary: 3rd December, a bit more Easy River planning

No point for a daily plan today as I just got on and did half an hours writing this evening when I had time. To be honest it was the last thing I really wanted to do. Not feeling particularly fresh and I find it’s always harder to motivate yourself at the end of the day. Interestingly by knowing that I could only do a blog entry if I had something to record on the writing front, was a motivating factor. I guess the fact that I could put down a marker and say “I’ve acheived something today” helps.

I continued the planning of the last two scenes of Easy River to Success, which, as I thought, are now probably going to be three scenes. The plot of these scenes is still a bit tentative, but I think I have some interesting ideas of how Arax can mess up Benetus quite comprehensively and still have the amusing and bitter reveal at the end. Should be quite fun I think. It was definitely worth spending a bit more time on the characterisation of the demon character. Before it wasn’t really a character, just a stereotype, and the only character left in the story was really Benetus. I think this may have been the problem with it.
So more planning of the last scenes tomorrow I think. I will hope to get them a bit tighter. 

Daily Summary: 2nd December 2008. Too Tired to Write!

I managed a good morning session this morning where I pretty much finished off most of the characterization for Arax. I found that in order to work out how Arax would behave I had to work through his encounter with Benetus. This helped a lot as I now have most of the plan for that scene done as well. I’m probably 2/3 of the way through the scene. 

A long hard day at work has left me too fatigued to really do anything tonight. Tomorrow I may actually not be able to do anything. I have a breakfast meeting starting between 7.30 and 8am, and then will probably be darting around at lunchtime, and come the evening I should really be doing a bit of exercise. I’ll have to try to make up for it on Thursday!

Daily Summary: 1st December 2008

Well I made some progress today I think. As mentioned previously I think I have worked out some of the problems with “The Easy River to Success”. One of these issues I have had the chance to work on tonight: the character of the demon Arax and I have got quite far. I have his basic background and motivations worked out, I just need to see how this is manifested in his outward personality and behaviour towards Benetus.

This is why Arax is to be avoided:

Arax knows that he is not worshipped, he can gaze into the murky water of the swamp and he never sees a temple or sacrifice in his name. He has never heard a heart-felt prayer come to him with the icy wind that blows through the marsh reeds. No sweet incense wafts up from a quagmire and never on a pale green lilly pad does he find offered nicely cooked fish or prawns, with a touch of spicy sauce.

But, on occasion he does assist those who are truly desperate, wizards such as he, hopeful for power and made bitter and desperate by the circumstances. And for these foolish souls he will pay his own coin to the ferryman, luring him off with entreaties to a pleasant fishing pond or charming stream off the main river, and so the boat on the river will drift slowly on with the wizard still asleep, until it bumps against the channels of the shallow water flowing through his marsh, and there the wizard will awake.

Never trust Arax. His promises are mighty and his powers of wizardry are still greater, but he is never happier than when he sees other ambitious hopefuls lured into bitter defeat. Not a crushing disaster, but a more depressing, frustrating twist that fulfils their stated wants but is contrary to their true desires.