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Warcraft Relationship Perils

I found this story about the perils of Warcraft yesterday. Quite funny. I don’t play Warcraft, but it captures well the perils of becoming too involved in anything at the detriment of your loved ones. 

Mcsweeneys is an online literature mag – mainstream/literature from what I understand – that I have just started getting a feed to. This is mainly because I want to develop the amount of poetry I’m reading. Why? Well, I was reading Damon Knight’s classic Creating Short Fiction

again for the umpteenth time and he recommends that all fiction writers should be writing poetry to improve their own style (use of language, rythmn etc). I used to write poetry when I was a young ‘un, but have fallen out of the habit, but I can see where he’s coming from, so I thought I’d re-engage.

Also I think it’s a good idea not to get stuck reading only SF/F all the time!