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Pick of the Week

Some of the most interesting blog and website posts that I came across this week:

Cory Doctorow is serializing a short story Martian Chronicles, that he is working on – quite interesting to do this with a WIP.

Scott Marlowe explains how to self-publish your own e-book – part 1 of a series of posts.

Sammy Hagar from Van Halen was abducted by aliens.

John Scalzi thinks some magazines take their retro payments policies a little too far

Hal Duncan discusses family bickering amongst the Science Fiction and Fantasy extended family

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Hectic But Productive

Busy old day. Ended up even doing some writing on the train, which worked out quite well. I have begun the synopsis for A Habit for Killing. Instead of just doing a one page synopsis, it looks like I am pretty much headed for a quite full one. I’ll still keep on and do the character story-lines, as this will help keep the character paths consistent and give me more to flesh the synopsis with later. I will also need to create a briefer synopsis later for submitting, but I find it harder to do the longer work first, you tend to find out more about the story that way.

Also sent my story The Bitterness of the Music Box off to Critter, did a critique for Critter, asked F&SF forum, Cory Doctorow and Dark Horizons some questions and got answers within a few hours!
And submitted a story, The Human Factor, to Afterburn!

Tor Books new website and Free Stuff

Deep Genre have a good link to the freebies currently available from Tor Books, which includes the whole of Kate Elliot’s Spirit Gate (Crossroads) book. This is becoming very common now amongst publishers, and may seem like a bit of a rash uncommercial move. However, as Cory Doctorow comments, people don’t want to read a whole book online, and will still buy print.