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Reiterate Reiterate

The mindmap approach has been useful to lay out all the different plot strands. I think it has also shown me that the plot is getting quite complex, and the difficulty I have now is that there are some elements I have decided to change, but I can’t see how they have affected the basics of the story.

The solution I think is to go back to basics and write out the plot in a few sentences, beginning, middle bits, and end, to see what the overarching plot is. I have done a first draft of this, and although I like the start and the ending somewhat and some of the middle bits, it doesn’t feel quite right.
Here’s what I have at the moment (any comments welcome):

Description of Novel:

Roger Draper, a young priest, investigates gruesome murders that lead him into conflict with a necromancer who threatens to destroy him and his loved ones.


Roger stumbles across a demonic ritual that involves the murder of a beggar and, despite the efforts of the authorities to cover it up, he is 

Main Obstacles/Conflicts to Overcome:

Roger framed for the murder, but freed [once the Inquisitor is blackmailed to protect the Abbey]

The woman Roger loves, Margery, is arrested on suspicion of witchcraft.

When the murders affect the richer townspeople a riot against the abbey ensues and Margery is released.

John of Gaunt arrives and threatens the town with terrible consequences unless Margery is returned.

The townspeople stand firm – there is violence, but Gaunt’s men are expelled.

A demon prowls the night and tries to capture Margery.

Margery is betrayed and re-arrested. Roger and Jake in desperation turn to ‘good’ magic and summon the Saint of the town. He will not help them directly, but hints that they should speak to the Inquisitor about a woman called Eloise.


Roger and Jake save the Inquisitor’s friend from the clutches of the necromancer, thus removing the hold he has over the Inquisitor. The necromancer dies in the battle and his demon is sent back to the Inferno having been defeated by mortal means and not magic.