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Top Fantasy Authors of the Decade based on UK Sales

The Bookseller released some statistics today on the top 100 selling authors in the UK market from 2000 to 2009. I have extracted the fantasy authors from their data to put together the following list:

1          Rowling, J K                    27,556,478 units, revenue of  £215,876,812.77

6          Pratchett, Terry            8,670,317 units, revenue of  £63,979,648.47

21        Pullman, Philip              5,337,773  units, revenue of  £34,670,831.34

23        Tolkien, J R R                4,960,414  units, revenue of  £47,169,467.51

25        Meyer, Stephenie         4,646,667  units, revenue of  £26,971,717.71

66        Koontz, Dean                  2,500,606  units, revenue of  £14,742,572.68

It’s interesting that fantasy isn’t as dominant a genre as one might be lead to believe with only 6 in the top 100 – and that’s only if we consider Meyer and Koontz as fantasy. SF isn’t placed at all, which is a shame.

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