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New Books of Interest in October: Stephenson and McKillip

Among the books that caught my eye were the following two titles (nothing else really caught my imagination this month):

McKillip, Patricia A. : The Bell at Sealey Head
Fantasy novel set in a mansion, Aislinn House, on the outskirts of the seaside town Sealey Head, in which the ancient Lady Eglantyne lies dying.
• The publisher’s site has a
brief description, and a Q&A with McKillip
Stephenson, Neal : Anathem
Science fiction novel about a monastic order on the planet Arbre that maintains secular knowledge, threatened by an extraterrestrial force that portends global disaster.

• The publisher’s site has this description, with its ‘browse inside’ feature.
• Stephenson’s
page for the book links excerpts from reviews, a Wiredinterview, a trailer and video interviews, seven tracks of music “from the World of Anathem“, and excerpts from the book’s Dictionary.