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Season of the Witch – interesting film coming out March 19, 2010

This looks quite interesting, and the plot is definitely up my street:

“14th century crusaders take a woman accused of witchcraft to an abbey where the monks will examine her and determine if her sorcery is the cause of the Black Plague which has decimated Europe.”

Video Trailer for Season of the Witch

And here:

But difficult to tell from the trailer! Apparently not based on a book, but the title sounds very familiar. There is a novel with the same name, but it’s got a different setting, and also a George Romero film from 1973, but again set in modern times. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the same plot and put it back into medieval times to give it a more fantasy feel.

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First Draft of The Knight Who Wouldn’t Die is done!

Managed to finish off the first draft of my current short story this morning! Wahey! Well pleased with this.

Also changed the name a bit, after all not many people will know who my character Jake is just yet. So the working title is now “The Knight Who Wouldn’t Die”. I think that’s intriguing enough, but also there’s a little twist in the meaning of it as well as will become clear for anyone who get’s a chance to read it.

I got up early this morning to write for a change, something I haven’t done in a while, and this definitely helped – mind too zoned, yet clear, to be distracted by anything else except writing narrative. Seemed to work well. I will have to grit my teeth and do this more often.

Next step for the story is for me to read it through a couple of times and make some edits. I’m not looking to cut it down too much, which is a relief. It comes in at about 4,700 words, which I think is fairly acceptable for most publications. Once the editing is done I will send it off to Critters and OWW for some feedback.

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UK UFO Archives

Novelty UFO in Moonbeam, Ontario, Canada
Image via Wikipedia

Is this release a joke or something? Very odd, drawings on the back of a napkin done by some schoolkids with crayons by the looks of it – and they say education standards are slipping – certainly looks like we weren’t very creative or good at drawing back in the 60’s!

More info at the National Archives – http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

Perhaps the government is hiding the real stuff?

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