Armour Battles (Combat HQ) Scenario

I have started playing WW2 in 6mm using the Armour Battles and Combat HQ rules by Jim Bambra.

Armour Battles is a good introduction to the rules, using just vehicles and off table artillery. I decided to adapt the introductory scenario to a battle between British and German forces. The scenario is set on D-Day. You can see links to the briefings and the new unit cards I created for the British forces below, together with the German ones featured in Armour Battles. Just use a table with some hills and trees and the objectives as set-out in the first battle scenario in Armour Battles. All I have done is adapt it to a British force and added a little bit of setting and narrative. Have fun!

UK Unit Cards

German Unit Cards

British Briefing Battle #1

German Briefing Battle #1

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