The Restless Dead

Publisher: Games Workshop
Publication Details and Full Title: GW0026 The Restless Dead (collection of scenarios previous published in White Dwarf magazine, 1989, ISBN 1-869893-73-5)
Writers: Carl Sargent (Campaign and Original Material), Design: Jim Bambra, Graeme Davis, Phil Gallagher, Paul Hargreaves, Derrick Norton, Lewis Page, Philip Wells
Artists: Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, Paul Bonner, Mark Cordory, Jes Goodwin, Tony Hough, Martin McKenna, Russ Nicholson, Jamie Sims, Kevin Walker
Cover Art: John Blanche

An interesting book – this contains several adventures that also appeared in White Dwarf and strings them together into a campaign. There’s a bit of original content and a new adventure that finishes the campaign. Also included is a standalone adventure that can be included in The Enemy Within campaign: The Grapes of Wrath.

The second half of the book includes some new optional rules, spells etc. You can find the Effective Initiative system here for instance.

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