Power Behind the Throne

Publisher: Games Workshop
Publication Details and Full Title: GW0024 Power Behind the Throne (fourth part of The Enemy Within campaign, 1988, ISBN 1-869893-43-3)
Writers: Carl Sargent with Editing and Development by Derrick Norton, Phil Gallagher and Graeme Davis
Artists: Russ Nicholson, H, Martin McKenna, Paul Bonner, Tony Hough
Cover Art: Les Edwards

I loved GMing this adventure – lots of political intrigue and investigation for the PCs to work with here – all against the backdrop of a wonderfully detailed fantasy city. Even involved one of the PCs having to flirt with an NPC to extract information I seem to remember – very funny!

Here’s the back cover copy for more information about the adventure – I loved the miniature diorama they created for this one!

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