Publisher: Flame Publications
Publication Details and Full Title: FP0003 Lichemaster (a redesigned scenario pack from the second edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, 1990, ISBN 1-872372-01-5)
Writers: Carl Sargent
Artists: Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, John Blanche, Paul Bonner, Gary Chalk, Martin McKenna, Russ Nicholson, Steve Tappin
Cover Art: Gary Chalk

I enjoyed running the campaign a lot – I think actually the fact that it overlapped between the Miniatures game and the RPG helped for – as it added a new dimension for the PCs. For some reason I also remember having to make up lots of silly poems for one of the NPCs to recite – had a blast doing that.

I think a lot of Warhammer fans know the story of Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster – this is an RPG version of that story.

Here’s the back cover for more information.


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