Death on the Reik

Publisher: Games Workshop
Publication Details and Full Title: GW0023 Death on the Reik (boxed edition, third part of The Enemy Within campaign, 1987, ISBN 1-869893-10-7)
Writers: Phil Gallagher, Jim Bambra & Graeme Davis
Artists: Martin McKenna
Cover Art: Ian Miller

What a wonderful adventure Death on the Reik is! It’s a bit more open ended than the proceeding ones in the campaign – allowing the party to wonder around the Reikland (by boat) in pursuit in various leads on the trail of chaos cultists. There’s less of a railroady narrative feel, but a certainty that they will end up at Castle Wittgenstein (as pictured on the front cover). I’ve blogged elsewhere about how I feel there are similarities between Death on the Reik and Shadows over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft – and certainly the Cthulhuesque fantasy feel of Shadows over Bogenhafen is continued here.

Here’s some pictures from the back cover of the later hardback version of the adventure – shows nicely what’s included:

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