Enemy in Shadows

Enemy Within campaign for WFRP 4th Edition

Cubicle 7 have begun publication of a revamped version of the classic Enemy Within campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. So far the first adventure book and it’s companion are out, with Death on the Reik on its way. The content follows the 1st edition adventure fairly closely so far, but with Grognard boxes offering alternatives for those who have played the campaign before. However, once the campaign gets past Power Behind the Throne, a major change is planned with no Something Rotten in Kislev adventure included, replaced instead by The Horned Rat. This was apparently the original plan for the campaign in 1st edition all along, so there is a return to the original campaign concept. The last adventure will also be quite different to Empire in Flames. It will be really interesting to see how it all pans out.

Together with the adventure books, each of the Enemy Within adventures comes with a companion, which although not essential to run the adventure, provides additional setting content. Cubicle 7 are also selling a special collector’s edition of all the books.

Here’s what is available so far:

Volume 1: Enemy in Shadows

Volume 1: Enemy in Shadows Companion

Collector’s Edition – Volume 1: Enemy in Shadows

Collector’s Edition – Volumes 1-5: The Complete Collection

As new volumes are added I will add them in here, as well as links to reviews a well. The latest news is that Death on the Reik should be available soon! Cubicle 7 aims to have the PDF available this month – June 2020. The delay is mostly down to additional art being commissioned. Hopefully they will be able to meet this revised date. There will also be a Death on the Reik companion as well  – but that’s more likely going to be July or August. More news soon.

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