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Zombie Scanner: Are You an iPhone Zombie

Now there’s an App for that!

Publisher Three Rivers Press and author Max Brooks have just released “an iPhone app to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

Here’s a video about the App:

And some blurb from the website:

As we all know, the world we live in has become a scary place, and the global increase in zombie attacks is of major cause for alarm. Developed by bestselling author and noted zombieologist, Max Brooks, the Zombie Survival Guide Scanner iPhone App is the ideal zombie detector tool. Use your camera-enabled iPhone to scan friends and neighbors and determine their level of infection. Use the app’s sharing functionality to spread the

Don’t be foolish with your most precious asset — life. Hordes of zombies may be stalking you right now without you even knowing it. The Zombie Survival Guide Scanner iPhone App is your first line of defense in an undead world.

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Best Recent Blog posts and Links

Some cool blog posts and news stories from around the web:
Bernard Cornwell’s Agincourt to be adapted for the screen – it always scares me when things get transferred to film, I just anticipate any historical veracity going right out of the window. Thanks to Steven Till for posting this link.

Bad news – authors are getting paid less, and academics turn to historical fiction??!! – but who? Wish they had given some examples and sources for this story.

Cocaine Mummies – ‘nuf said.

Jack Vance profile at NY Times – everyone is linking to this, but he is one of my favourite authors so that’s my justification OK!

10 Rules for writers – basically it’s one tip – if you don’t send it, you won’t sell it.

Off Topic – Some Nice Dutch Clippers

One of my non-writing passions are boats. I was lucky to have a few hours off in Leiden this week after a business meeting and found the city and its canals a delight. They also had a stretch of water with some really fantastic old clippers. These are flot bottomed boats used to navigate the inland waterways of the Netherlands. Most of them are engine powered nowadays, but they do have sails. I think they will also do a bit of coastal work too.

People still in them! How jealous am I!

Scientists Search for the tomb of Ghenghis Khan

Scientists are using new technology to search for the tomb of Ghenghis Khan. The tomb is thought to be near the Onon River in Mongolia, but has never been found. Just imagine what one might find in the tomb of one of the greatest figures of world history. If they do find it that will make quite a story and no doubt will require a reassessment of many things Mongol!

I believe there’s a new film available now on DVD about Ghengis Khan. I’m planning to check it out soon.