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Iain M. Banks Interview on CNN

One of my favourite authors is interviewed on CNN – go here for the link

Interesting to hear that he cites Brian Aldiss as one of his influences. I often remember how good Aldiss’s Helliconia books were – they almost feel like a combination of Sci Fi and Fantasy – well a pre-industrial world with a scifi story framework around it, which is an influence on my own writing. Banks usually sticks to straight Sci Fi, but in some books he does experiment with pre-industrial societies, or he mixes technological levels – so the high Culture being the highest level, but in for instance Use of Weapons, the main character works as a mercenary on a lower technology world. An interesting comment on our world perhaps where technologies still vary around the world in actual take-up if not application. For instance although you can get Wifi in Kenya I don’t suppose there are many Masai bloggers?

Off at a bit of a tangent here, but well worth reading anything by Banks or Aldiss!

Terry Pratchett on the One Show

Great to see Terry Pratchett looking so well on the BBC One Show last night. It was a very moving piece about the problems early-onset Alzheimer sufferers have to get drugs on the NHS – it’s becoming more and more of a problem as the population ages. Terry seemed mentally very eloquent – apparently it is affecting him more physically than mentally, which is a good thing for his writing. I wish him all the best.

I haven’t really read him since the first five or six books – during my idle youth, but I will definitely have to go through the rest of his works. Its a shame he has been sidelined as a supposedly cult writer, when in actual fact he is probably more ‘mainstream’ than that dreadful Rowling. His books tend to be satires on our modern society using Fantasy as a lens.

Link to the One Show on iPlayer:

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