Adapted Snowflake Method: How I’m writing my novel at the moment

I’m currently in the early stages of actually writing my novel Hell has its Demons at the moment. Because of the complexity of writing within a historical background I have been taking a carefully planned approach to writing and employing the techniques of the snowflake method, where you build up the plot structure of the … Continue reading Adapted Snowflake Method: How I’m writing my novel at the moment

Snowflake Software Now Available

Could Snowflake Pro be a solution for those looking for a decent novel writing software? Possibly? It uses Randy Ingermanson’ssnowflake method and basically structures a GUI around it so you can do all the ten stages in one place. It looks handy, especially if you’re starting out on a new project. I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading Snowflake Software Now Available

Snowflake so far on Roger Draper

I’m just thinking that I should probably give this project a new name! The name of the main character isn’t that inspiring after all as a book title. Perhaps I will give that some thought soon. I had a realisation last night on the train home that my plot had a major flaw. Basically the … Continue reading Snowflake so far on Roger Draper

Snowflake so far

So far so good, I think. I’ve got to stage 3 of the snowflake method without too much drama and found out a lot of solid information about the story and the characters. Stage 3 is to work through important information about each major character: motivation, conflict, resolution, and also a paragraph on the story … Continue reading Snowflake so far

Greatest Hits

I thought it would be interesting to see what were the most popular post topics on my blog. After looking at Google Analytics I have been able to put together a top five: 1. Snowflake method – stumbling across the snowflake method! 2. Mind Mapping software to brainstorm plot issues 3. Medieval Men-at-Arms vs Archers … Continue reading Greatest Hits

A Proper Baddie for Roger Draper

I think I’ve worked out who my baddie is now in the Roger Draper story. It’s an amoral monk who acts as a necromancer for hire to the highest bidder. It has taken a bit of time to arrive at who the main evil character/antagonist in my story should be – who is actually doing … Continue reading A Proper Baddie for Roger Draper