Orc and Goblin Tribes: Goblins Primed and Basic Basing Done

Just a small update to keep the Warhammer The Old World Project fresh. The 5 goblin archers I started with the other day are now primed using Vallejo brush on black primer and I have given the bases a coat of Vallejo German Black Brown Camo – my standard basing base colour! And the bases have been edged with Steel Legion Drab. 

Now to decide the paint scheme! My first consideration was the skin tone. Green of course, but what kind of green. I toyed with the idea of a light green – as seen on Age of Sigmar Orruk Kruleboyz – but decided that might look a bit weird with a mass of rank and file troops, so I will be sticking with a fairly standard green. Ideally aiming for something like this from the Warhammer website:

Other colours are probably going to be quite muted greys and browns. I toyed with the idea of them wearing Khorne red trousers or shirts, but decided that might look a bit too garish. Anyway the first 5 goblin archers will be a good test of the colour scheme and can always change it up for the rest of the army.

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