Warhammer The Old World Project

Welcome to my Warhammer the Old World Project. This is a series of posts that will follow my journey as I build an army for the new game. 

Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Oldhammer as it is now known was one my favourite games back in years gone past – 2nd and 3rd edition games or Orcs Drift and McDeath were what I grew up on. So excited to see that Games Workshop have gone back to the Old World with a new rules set. From what I can tell it’s a mash up of a number of different variations of Warhammer Fantasy Battle with some new nods to historical wargames in there as well. 

Anyway to cut to the chase I decided to build a new army for the game. With some trepidation I decided to take the plunge and go for the new basing rules – 20mm is now 25mm and 25mm is now 30mm for instance. I didn’t like the idea to start with, being used to my old metal 1980s miniatures on 20mm and 25mm bases, but when I saw the actual size of the figures I can understand why, not sure how they actually managed to get them on the old smaller bases – the figures are the same ones as were produced for 6th edition I think.

Orc and Goblin Tribes Army Project

So where have a I started? As modestly as possible I aimed to create a 1000 point Orc and Goblin Tribes army, with the aim of being able to play some small games at home or to play bigger multiplayer games with friends, and then at some point expanding it out to 2000 points. 2000 points seems to be the sweet spot from what I can see so far. 

So the starting point for that was logically the Orc and Goblin Tribes Battalion Box. First off I decided to start small and simple and build 5 of the goblin archers. They come 5 to a sprue, so building and painting 5 at a time seems the most logical thing to do. Here’s the first 5 built and with some old Citadel sand recently glued on. Next step will be priming and then working out what paints to use!

Goblins built and based

First time with these miniatures and although I love my old 1980s orcs and goblins a lot these newer ones have a goofy comic book charm of their own. I think I am going to enjoy painting them. 

As my Warhammer The Old World project gathers pace I will be posting about how I painted the miniatures and also the units and army list I will be playing with. Hopefully these updates will appear on a regular basis! 

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