Photos from the playtest of Battle of Morlaix for Trial by Battle

Thought it would be fun to post some of the photos here from the playtest I did for the Battle of Morlaix for Trial by Battle. This scenario includes a number of special rules – including pits and ditches that get filled in once crossed – you can see that in the later photos the cardboard ditches have gone! Please note that the collection of miniatures used are not particularly correct for the period – mixture of a number of medieval figures – mostly later Wars of the Roses and some older Citadel figures. All worked fine for the playtest though and shows that a full scale battle can be played in just 3’x3′!


Battle of Morlaix Deployment
The French begin crossing the stream. The English are deployed behind ditches at the other end of the table.
Battle of Morlaix - French knights have crossed the ditches and charged home on the English archers and men-at-arms
Battle of Morlaix Near the end of the battle – only two units of English archers are left. A second wave of French are about to cross the stream.

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